Humanists Hungary – The Hungarian Humanist Association

Hungarian Humanists is the Association of people with secular humanist values in Hungary

Our story

Established in May 2015 by a group of people supporting rational thinking based on evidence and kindness towards each other.

The founding meeting of Humanists Hungary (May 2015)


We organize events including meetings, talks, scientific lectures with topics covering philosophy, ethics, biology, astronomy, societal issues, critical thinking and skepticism.


We provide celebrant services at Humanist ceremonies on an ad hoc basis.

Humanist wedding at Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest (July 2016)
Humanist wedding at Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest (July 2016)

Our local communities are present in Budapest and Szeged.

If you have any enquiries you are welcome to contact us – please find our contact details at the Contact page.